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Athens Regional Cancer Center's
Friendly and Caring Staff

  About Us

The Athens Regional Cancer Center is a physician owned and operated facility that is an expansion of the Cleveland Regional Cancer Center practice. Dr. Philip Dugan and Dr. Lisa Virostek realize that many people are traveling great distances for cancer treatments, and in an effort to lessen the burden to patients and caregivers, the Athens Regional Cancer Center has been opened. Dr. Lee Carder, formerly practicing Radiation Oncology in Oak Ridge and the surrounding area, will continue the commitment of caring for the community while serving the Athens facility. The physicians are all board certified Radiation Oncologists, and continue the rigorous, voluntary commitment to lifelong learning, maintenance of certification, and dedication to exceptional patient care.

Meet your care team

Philip Dugan, M.D.
Board Certified Radiologist
Board Certified Radiation Oncologist

Lisa Virostek, M.D.
Board Certified Radiation Oncologist



Julie Moran
Nurse Practitioner

Carol, Robbie, Shannon

Carol - Junior Physicist
Robbie -Head Physicist
Shannon - Dosimetrist

Al - Chief Therapist

Suzanne and Donna

Suzanne and Donna
Radiation Therapists

Melanie and Karen

Melanie and Karen
Radiation Therapists

Amber, Rachel, Ashley

Amber, Rachel and Ashley
Radiation Therapists

Brandi, Robin and Terri

Brandi and Robin - Medical Assistants
Terri - Radiologic Technologist /
Tumor Registrar

Jenni - Medical Assistant


Nick - Office Staff



Not Pictured


Tim Welch - Business Manager


Personal, Individualized Care since 1985


Telephone: (423) 252-1580
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